A Quick Session At Albert Falls

On a recent family trip to Albert Falls I managed to break away from the group for long enough to inflate my float tube. The water was perhaps a little chilly (and bass are always tough on fly in winter) but that wasn’t going to stop me from kicking out onto the dam.

For some reason I’d only packed my 7 weight rod which meant I was limited to a floating line. This was far from ideal as I knew the fish would be holding deep. None the less I started with a popper which I threw up against structure for 15 minutes before deciding to change strategy. I cut off the popper and replaced it with a¬†¬†looooooong leader and a large woolly bugger. This meant fishing as deep as possible despite being limited to a floating line.

Thankfully this strategy paid off and I managed to land one small bass. It was tough out on the water, but I can’t really complain when I had giraffe, zebra and impala drinking from the water around me. Fly fishing in Africa rocks!

View while fly fishing Albert Falls from a float tube
View while fly fishing Albert Falls from a float tube

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