Third Weekend At Inanda Dam

For the third weekend in a row Nick and I headed down to Inanda Dam to do some fly fishing. This time however our plan was to focus on the filming of the trip rather than the fishing, in the hope of putting together a short video of Inanda Dam and the bass opportunities it offers.

Sadly the conditions weren’t in our favour. Initially there was no wind and the water was like glass. It was also extremely hot and as such the bigger fish seemed to have moved into deeper water. With the focus of our video being on surface action we continued fishing with poppers despite the conditions being against us.

Despite the tough conditions we managed to produce a few small fish on the surface. That said it wasn’t alive with activity like it had been for the previous 2 weeks.

For those looking for an update of the water conditions, the algae growth towards the top end of the dam is terrible. In fact its so thick in places I’m sure I could’ve walked on the water. Apparently this may be due to the poisoning of the hyacinth for the Dusi Canoe Marathon, but I can’t confirm for sure. The dirty water still produces fish, but rather head for the wall if you’re like us and enjoy fishing in cleaner water.

To pass some of the slower moments we headed for the cliffs and did some cliff jumping to get the adrenaline flowing. Another great day out, despite the slower fishing.

Cliff jumping at Inanda Dam
Cliff jumping at Inanda Dam

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