The Columbia Grendel

The Columbia Grendel

The Grendel has fast become a favourite item in my fishing arsenal for streams as well as those misty days on still waters.

I love carrying a camera with me but wouldn’t dare take the SLR onto the water in case I tripped or the rain came in. Thankfully the Grendel gave me the confidence to take my camera everywhere thereby improving my fishing photos tenfold.

This backsack is comfortable to wear and, although not fully waterproof, is very water resistant. It’s also stain resistant which means it always looks good no matter how many fish you catch. There’s an easy to access, water resistant, back pouch for important items like cell phones and keys, while the main compartment has more than enough space for your jacket, towel, camera and lunch.

This is one item I can’t do without on the streams these days.

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