Blood Sports

Small Pickhandle Barracuda
Having Friday off has the added bonus of being able to fish without too many other people around. So off I headed to mt local hunting grounds, the Durban Harbour.

Surprisingly, there were more people around than I expected. Clearly I’m not the only one on short time. Either that, or South Africa has a lot of lazy bastards. Hmmm…

I waded the banks and was quickly into a gurnard which I landed without much trouble. Shortly after that I was into another. Gurnards never let you down. At this point I decided to try an area I had targeted too much in the past…

What a great decision! On my second cast I was into a small Pickhandle Barracuda; A first for me. After landing it I noticed that the fly was in its throat. This left my in a bit of a quandary, since I didn’t have my pliers on me. Stupid. Thinking I was smart, I wedged its mouth open with one finger, and stuck other fingers into its mouth to remove the fly. KAK IDEA!!

Turns out they can still close their mouths. And they have sharper teeth than small puppies.

So there I stood, blood pouring from my fingers, cursing the stupid fish, but smiling at the same time. I’m “glad” to say that the fish survived the whole ordeal. Sadly however, my days fishing was cut short as I had to go find some way to stop the bleeding, and to disinfect the cut.

Still, it was a great mornings fishing!

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