Exploring Inanda Dam

This week I decided I’d explore some of the local water, rather than hitting the salt. So when Saturday morning arrived I grabbed my 5 weight, and headed down to Inanada Dam to try and pick up a few Bass.

I’d fished the dam once before with Nick, and we’d managed to pull out a few Bass, so I figured I had a good starting point. WRONG! Since the dam is now full (and clearly wasn’t when we last fished it), the area we’d been successful in was now completely underwater. I didn’t let this deter me, and headed off on foot into the unknown. There was a bit of a path, but it got more vague the farther I went. Eventually I was just bashing my way through the bush, getting covered in spider webs, my legs as itchy as a fly covered camels ass.

2kms later I had hit the fence, and had found no fishable water. Grrr. I need a fly rod that doesn’t require a back cast…wait a second, those exist…they’re normal Bass rods. I never said that.

Anyway, back to the car I trudged, where I flicked the rod a few times from the picnic spot. This proved to just be dangerous, since there were kids running around. So I called it a day and headed home.

So for all off you planning to fish Inanada, it either needs to be low, or you need a float tube. There was a lot of activity around, so there are definitely fish there…Its just not accessible with a fly rod. Now I know for next time…

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