Kayak Fishing Budgewoi Lake

After a long and painful journey back from the USA, including a lost bag and a delayed flight, I was happy to climb into the ute and head north for Budgewoi. We’d booked a deluxe cabin on the banks of Lake Munmorah at the Budgewoi Holiday Park, and were ready for a long weekend of fishing, swimming pools, and beach.

The cabin was by far the best we’ve stayed in. Firstly, it was either newer, or at the very least, recently renovated. It also had incredible, uninterrupted, views of the Lake Munmorah, whereas most of the other cabins we’ve stayed in have had limited to no views, and are usually surrounded by multiple other cabins.

Inside the cabin was pretty standard; there were two bedrooms, one with bunk beds, and the other with a double bed, as well as a bathroom and a living area. The bathroom sported a spa bath, over and above the usual shower. That said, the spa bath was a little small for an adult, but great for the kids. The living area had the usual small kitchenette, complete with a cooker top, oven, microwave, and fridge. But best of all, it had a dishwasher. And then there was of course the dining room table, couch, TV, and deck.

The park itself was fantastic, running along the banks of Lake Munmorah, with multiple accomodation options, and plenty of locations to launch my kayak from. The pool was heated, which was definitely a plus, having had to spend so many hours in it with the kids.

Shortly after arriving on Saturday afternoon, I launched my Hobie Outback and headed out for a quick exploratory fishing session. I was truly amazed at just how shallow Lake Munmorah was, averaging far less than 2 meters outside of the channel. The lake was also exceptionally weeded, making both fly and lure fishing difficult.

I was very happy to have the Mirage Drive rather than a prop drive, as it glided through the weed with ease.

Looking for less weeded, more fishable water, I headed into Budgewoi Creek. It was definitely less weeded, and a great little piece of water, but I felt very claustrophobic, surrounded by the multitude of anglers fishing the banks, just meters from my kayak. Chatting to a few of them, they’d picked up the odd bream, but it was otherwise quiet.

I moved on from the creek and paddled into Budgewoi Lake. Thankfully it was less weeded than Munmorah, and far more fishable. To the left of the main channel, the water was only ankle deep, so I started my session by trolling a lure behind the kayak in search of schools of fish. This proved successful as I started getting knocks, and was soon into a small tailor.

After battling to remove the treble hook (I am a fly fisherman, and have never had to do this before), I took out the fly rod and tried my luck with some bigger clousers. Sadly nothing came of this, and soon it was time to head back to the park for dinner. I did stop briefly back in the creek, and threw some shrimp patterns at snags in the hope of a bream. Sadly this proved unsuccessful, and eventually I paddled back to shore having landed just the single tailor.

My hopes of an afternoon fish the following day were crushed when the winds picked up, and an electric storm passed through the region. Not willing to brave the lightning with multiple rods sticking up into the air, I called it quits and spent the rest of the weekend with family. It may not have been fishing, but it was just as fun.

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