Two Days Fishing Moreton Bay

My family and I amazingly managed to escape the latest Sydney lockdown by flying into Brisbane, two weeks prior to a planned Keppel Island vacation. That said, it wasn’t all plain sailing, and we were forced into 14 days of lockdown by the Queensland premier. Thankfully we were still allowed out to exercise, which happened to include fishing, and so this is exactly what we did.

Over the course of our 14 day lockdown Nick and I took the boat our twice, both times in Moreton Bay, focusing in on the Peel Island area. We drifted bait over structure, picking up a handful of species including snapper, sweet lips, cod, tuskfish, and so many more. We also took the opportunity to tag some fish, giving back to the fishing community.

We may not have landed any beasts, but it was great to be out on the water. Especially considering the alternative was to be stuck in lockdown. And, we of course had a few special moments, as one always does on the water. I was especially stoked to tag, and then recapture, the same fish, several drifts apart. Who would have thought?!

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