Valentines Bashing

Valetines day…the day to spend with the ones you love…so I went fishing. My original plan was to try the rocks around Umhlanga, but when I arrived the sea was HUGE. After walking up and down the coast for a while I decided it wasn’t going to be worth it, so I headed to the one place I knew would be protected from the big seas…Durban harbour.

It turns out this was a good plan, well, almost. The tide was pulling hard so I snuck out onto the jetty by the yacht mole. There were hundreds of fish around, so things were looking good. There were a lot of mullet, as well as glassies all around the pier. But the really good news is that there were some small springer, as well as some kingies. Every minute that passed showed more action on the surface…so I began fishing frantically.

Sadly however, I just couldn’t produce. I tried everything from Clousers to Deceivers, from Charlies to Salty Buggers, from Flippers to Poppers, but nothing. As you can imagine this was rather frustrating. So once the tide got low enough I left the jetty and waded the banks.

This was, as always, very productive. The gurney’s never let you down. Within an hour I had landed 3, and lost one.

Now all I need to do is to learn how to catch mullet. They were so immune to my flies that I could cast over them, and then retrieve it so the fly actually bumped into them. And they would just swim off slowly. Grrr…

One day…one day… *sigh*

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